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Adult (Ages 12+)
Child (Ages 1-11)
Infant (Ages under 1)
Military (Thank you for your service! Please bring your military ID)
Private Cruise - Call To Book Includes 28 People, Additional people can be added for increased price
Schools & Camps
Adult Tour Groups

Experience the thrill of lobster excursion in Plymouth, MA.

This Lobster Excursion will immerse you in the vibrant culture of New England! Join our lively cruise and dive headfirst into the world of lobster harvesting, right from the heart of the sea. As a brave crew of volunteers lends a claw to haul in those lobster traps, all passengers will have a front-row seat to witness the mesmerizing marine life of Plymouth Harbor. Prepare yourself to see (and hold) all kinds of animals; from lively crabs and curious snails to the occasional fishy friend.

But fear not, fellow ocean enthusiasts! We’re committed to safeguarding the future of our magnificent marine world. Every incredible creature we encounter is given a one-way ticket back to their salty sanctuary. We believe in cherishing and preserving the wonders of our watery wonderland for generations to come.

Time includes embarking and disembarking” and “Boarding will start 5-10 minutes before departure. Please arrive on time as the boat will leave at the scheduled time.