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Plymouth Cruises

Cruises in Plymouth, MA


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Having Fun And Creating Memories For Over 25 Years.

Step on board Lobster Tales, a passenger ship that cruises around Plymouth Harbor’s peaceful waters, whether you’re searching for that one-of-a-kind experience, a little adventure, or simply some time to relax.
As a veteran-owned and family-run business, we take immense pride in offering an unparalleled maritime journey that combines the essence of tradition with the warmth of familial hospitality. As the vessel glides through the tranquil waters of Plymouth Harbor, you’ll have the chance to witness stunning views of the iconic Plymouth Rock, the majestic Mayflower II, and other historic landmarks that dot the coastline. Our crew, well-versed in local lore and maritime history, will regale you with fascinating tales of the town’s storied past, creating an enriching and immersive journey for all.



Great for kids

My 7 year old grandson loved it. The few was excellent with children and very knowledgeable. They kept the kids busy and interested for the who,e trip. The pirate was a riot.

– Rosemary L, Tripadvisor
So much fun!!!

We did a 4th of July cruise with them and had a blast (pun intended)! Aside from an amazing, scenic cruise in Plymouth Harbor, we got great music and the best seat in the house for the fireworks. We also have nieces and nephews that have done their Pirate cruise and raved about it for months afterwards. Check out their tours and do one if you can.

– stregg, Tripadvisor
Wow- What a great adventure!

This will be the highlight of our 3, 6 & 8 yr. old’s Grandchildren’s summer. What a fun time. Plenty of interaction from squirting the pirate on his little ship, to limbo, dancing & learning about lobsters & crabs. Crew was amazing. They really personalized this experience and made it lots of fun.

– woodsmassachusetts, Tripadvisor
What a great learning experience

I work as a tour guide and have been on a Lobster Cruise 3 times this summer. Each trip was outstanding. Last week I had 6 young people in addition to senior citizens. Paul is so terrific with all ages. I highly recommend this trip to all ages.Spectacular time!

– JAR817, Tripadvisor